Topics that you should Avoid on Your First Date

Date for first time can make you anxious or else overly talkative. If you’re shy, you may result in sharing too much information in attempt to overcorrect your shyness. Calmness in your conversation — especially on a first date — does not always need to be filled. Your mind is tricking you every moment; what feels like minutes are only a few seconds. Remember that it’s only awkward if you make it awkward!

Certain topics of conversation you should save for further conversation in future. So that your chances of a second date doesn’t end up getting ruined when brought up too soon. Keep these details a secret to save yourself from embarassment.

1. Mental health

Whether pertaining to the conversation or not, therapy does not need to be discussed on your first date. Your potential partner will need to know down the road if you struggle with any kind of depression or issues with intimacy. Being open is good, but it’s better to wait until you disclose the particulars (like how often you attend therapy). Your date might find it overwhelming and reject your next invitation.

2. Work

Don’t talk about your job and work — even if you met there! Maybe your date is a co-worker, but I’m sure neither of you prefer to think about work loads at that time. Your office and your boss are least interesting, boring conversation stallers. Not everyone likes their job or wants to bring it up. Sometime they might even be self-conscious about where they stand in their career. And if it’s complex, they’ll take more time telling it than getting to know you. Rather than talking about work, share your ambitions for the future.

3. Medical procedures

Assuming your first encounter includes eating, which most do, refrain from bringing up anything gross. That includes recent surgeries and anything involving blood. A lot of people will get squeamish and lose their appetites. While you’re at it, no fart jokes and awkward talks! It’s pathetic to discuss bodily functions while eating. You want that the other person will see you in the best light instead of picturing you recovering from a colonoscopy.

4. Your ex

This should be completely avoided, because nothing ruins the moment quicker than talking about an ex. If you’re complaining about your previous relationship, you appear bitter and hostile. Your date will spend the rest of the night wondering if there is another side to the story. They might even wonder how you’ll say bad about them to others at the end of the date. However, revealing only positive attributes of your past relationship will seems like though you’re still emotionally invested. There’s no good way to bring up your ex; it’s a lose-lose situation.

5. Financial history

No one just chats about money. We either brag or stress, and neither of those are traits we want to display on a first date. Long-term and married couples often find this topic dangerous, so it should be totally off limits with a person you barely know. Keep the conversation light and jovial. You want your date to have a good time!

6. Controversial subjects

Politics, Religious beliefs, Addictions, Your first date should not touch upon anything like this. Anything remotely can create the situation of argument– even if you’re on the same page. Perhaps one of you has strong convictions and the other sits on the fence. Further down the line, this would not cause a problem. You could even change their mind to see things your way. So give it time, and please avoid the intense debating until you know more things about each other — like if you like the same music or prefer dogs to cats.

8. Deep secrets

There’s a reason it’s a secret. Don’t disclose confidential information before the other person earns your trust — even if you can connect very early. These revelations will leave a lasting impression in your date’s mind which may not reflect who you are as a person. Allow your potential mate to develop an attachment before shining a light on those skeletons in your closet.