Our first Date

Life is indeed witty; you never know when it hits you whether in tragedy or in love. Mine did in love.

We grew up together, she was my neighbor. We never became friends and used to meet only when our parents went to parties. We used to greet each other with smiles nothing more.

Later we went to the same college. I was a commerce student and she was a fashion student. I could never figure out her fashion statement and her dressing sense. It seemed out of this time, like something from future.

I never had any feelings for her. But times change!

It was rainy season. I was getting late for my afternoon class. As I started my bike out of the blue it started raining. I was standing there in garage cribbing about the weather and then I saw her. She was in her lawn playing with her dog, enjoying the rain, her hair laid down, she never looked so beautiful.  My heart skipped a beat. I felt unusual, this has never happened to me before. I never felt anything for her. But still I found myself standing in rain, staring at her.  She looked at me our eyes met, we exchanged glances. She gave me a nod.

Me: Hey! Looks like you are enjoying the weather.

She: yes, Tilly (her dog) loves playing in rain.

Me: It seems you love it more than him.

She: Everyone loves rain! Don’t you?

Me: Nope, it spoiled my plans; I won’t be able to attend my classes now.

She: stop cribbing! Even the professor will be enjoying it. I think you should live these moments.

Me (pretending, not to like it): Ok, Yoda master (star war character) teach me the way of force.

She (laughs): Ok, so what will Yoda master get in return? Nothing comes for free

Me: A hot coffee! For yoda master a hot coffee on my expense and maybe we could sit and learn the ways of force

She (understood that I am asking her out on a date): Hmm. Yoda master is busy today. We will get back to your offer some other day.

Me: Yoda master I have galaxy to save.

She (laughs): Yoda master will teach you the way of force!


Not even in my dreams I ever thought that she would be my first date! It is truly said that – you will never find love when you are looking for it. Rather you will find it in an unexpected form, with an unexpected person.